Tuesday, 17 May 2011

I Am a New Blogger Who Loves Animals

Hi, it's pawster (paws as most animals have paw and -ster a term from my beloved dog's name, Foster aka Otter). This is my first personal blog ever. But it’s not my first post. The blog’s still random as I’m new and just thought about writing an intro after I’ve posted a post. Also, I still need to practice more to write in a good order, so some of you (most of you) might find it a little hard to get the timeline. I’m absolutely new here and on learning progress for the time being. So I will be more than glad to accept tips, tricks, corrections or anything else that you’ve got to say related with the topic at time.

For a note, there’s nothing important written in here, just a journal  from me (well, or more like a diary recap if you can still call this recapped) and a tribute to remember some pets that helped and let me to learn various things about them. So on, here’s the intro post...

I’ve been keeping animals since I was quite little (well that’s like fifteen years ago). I love my pets as my family (some pets do really feel like family), but sometimes I can be an inconsistent pets keeper for smaller pets. My bad...

First pet that I know is... don’t know, a fish or a dog, then a cat. The fish were huge cichlids, and they are just like any other fish. But I can’t tell much about this first dog and cat as I merely don’t remember it; except the part that the dog had a long short body and a tail that I could pull around (later I know it’s a Dachshund) and the cat is a brown tabby (speaking about cats, they’ve been around and go for various reasons, mostly missing as they’re not really mine from the beginning – but just two weeks ago, I took in another cat, orphaned baby cat that I haven’t named; but that’s another story, just hope that she’ll stay).

My own first pet is... another cat. I found him and named him Tom (cat). He’s with me for several days but he turns out to be my neighbour’s cat, so I lost him. During last days when Tom’s still around, I kept goldfish too, but they died... Some said they were eating too much food, some said you can buy other goldfish soon (but I didn’t; maybe because I don’t really like keeping a goldfish in a ball-like bowl), and some said I was playing too much with them (Well, I did put my hands in their bowl and “play” with them). I also had turtles around that time, two Brazilian turtles that my uncle brought me (but I lost them too, maybe some stray cats from the roof stole them).

After that I didn’t keep pets for quite a long time. Next, I got hamsters, Syrian Hamsters. I’d been wanting these since I first saw them. They’re so cuddly and fluffy! Yes, they really are and very tame too once they recognize you as their human. Granny bought me three of these hamsters, I kept them, played with them, watched them grew... and next time I knew, they were breeding like crazy! (I’ll write the story late; WSL for short from now on).

During this hamster time I also kept lovebirds, canaries, turtles, fishes (well, the aquarium wasn’t under my care but I loved to watch the fish – tetras, guppies and other small fish varieties), and (don’t be surprised as we can buy these easily; in front of school sites here) chicken, duck, quail. Oow, and also one or two cats came and went (I didn’t name them as it was just a really brief time). Various small pets (various, not many pets at once).

Above all, my dream pet... is a dog. I know dogs from movies (like Air Bud and Dalmatians). And I made friend with some stray dogs around the school. But I’m not allowed to keep my own dog because I must admit; my house, this far... is quite small and has no yard. If I could keep some pets bigger than a big hamster (cats) it’s because the pets just came themselves. When I had no particular pets and wanted a dog to keep, a rabbit and a cat came and stayed for about a year. ... Why I was pet-less? The hamsters had been given up to relatives and friends when my first hamsters died of old age at two years or so (as I said earlier, sometimes I can be an inconsistent small pet keeper).  

This cat (that just showed on my roof and later had kittens on my place) was a black tuxedo named Chemuk -WSL- When she popped up, I only had Buster, a rabbit that came earlier (that was my first rabbit and was given to me by a friend as an exchanged Christmas present). The story continued, the rabbit grew big and was given up (again) to my uncle so Buster could roam free in my uncle’s warehouse yard. That left the cats alone. A mother cat and a nearly grown up male kitten that had no tail called Dipper (sadly, later he went missing for an unknown cause) ... When I had these cats, I finally got a dog of my own. Mine! After quite some hard efforts and some thrown out mutt-dogs because the family really won’t let me too keep a mutt, they bought me a dog. A three month old Miniature Pinscher puppy nick-named Otter (well her name is Foster and believe me I didn’t know what the name means back then as my English was quite limited – but she grew up to the name). Definitely -WSL- as this dog deserves her personal page, a great tribute of her own story and she’s an awesome dog! It just heart breaking because she’s no longer with me now. But she left Odrei, one of her puppies with me; and this puppy is my beloved soul-mate companion.

I also keep hamsters again, round the time when dwarf hamsters got in this country. I’ve been keping them since. And I also have rabbits again (rabbits, and not just one but five – and now I feel five’s too much so soon I’ll be giving up some of these for adoption, or just sell them as long as the buyers won’t eat them or harm them in any way), I also have seven goldfish (two are Pearlscales and five are Orandas) with some tetras, mollies, Ramirezi, Rose Barb, Garra ruffa or the doctor fish, Corydoras, Guppies, and some little more that I might not write. I have a pair of Canary birds (still expecting lovebirds though, but they’re quite expensive), Brazilian turtles, a rat (for those who’s not familiar with pet rat: Yes! A rat), and also the no-name-yet cat. (I really have to find a name for this cat soon, she’s most likely a silver tabby, any suggestions?) Feel free to comment. Many thanks :)

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